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Having the Conversation

panoramic crop of senior woman hugging husband, sick on dementia, while standing face to face

You are probably not looking forward to the discussion with your family regarding your or your loved one’s need for assisted living. We get it. It is often challenging to talk about a move late in life from a familiar place. And, the reasons that may be making the move necessary – an inability to […]

Choosing an Appropriate Care Level

Grey elderly man hands a book to a senior friend lying on a hospital bed

Relaxed and restful, casual and comfortable, West Texas living is just better when you consider all the personalized services, activities and amenities that capture the heart and soul of The Courtyards. Welcoming Living Spaces Comfortable furnishings and beautifully decorated interiorsPrivate residential suites including all utilities, television, phone, and internet Scheduled housekeeping and linen services Routine […]

The Benefits of Living in a Senior Community

Seniors and Chess

People are made for community. As individuals, our strengths and experiences are made more impactful when we work together to live a rich life. As we age and our bodies change, it can be tempting to isolate ourselves. But loneliness and isolation do not have to be synonymous with aging. Senior living communities like The […]