At The Courtyards, we know every individual is unique, so we offer highly individualized care based on each resident’s specific needs. Even better, you pay only for the care needed to make life more manageable and enjoyable for yourself – or your loved one.

Pre-residency health and service assessment determines the most appropriate level of care. Just prior to move-in, the assessment is administered by a qualified nurse, which determines the level of care for optimal quality of life.

What are some examples?

Since care is highly individualized, no standard list of services applies to each level of care. Rather, the level of staff assistance required to support the activities of daily living factors into the overall level of care. For example, here are three common activities of daily living that may require assistance – along with variables that contribute to the level of care.


Keeping prescriptions filled and supervising or administering oral medications up to four times daily amounts to a lower points score than a resident who requires more frequent administration, assistance with injectable medication, or medications that require additional caregiver monitoring.


Assistance with dining adds up to a wide points range. When a caregiver is needed simply to help a resident cut food into bite-sized pieces, it results in fewer points than a resident needing more extensive assistance to meet their nutritional needs.

Personal Assistance.

Frequency and level of assistance required to enter into the assessment of bathing and personal assistance. A resident who merely wants help washing and setting her hair weekly equates to a lower points score than a resident who requires help with all bathing and grooming activities.

What’s included in the monthly fee for all levels of care?
– Three nutritious meals per day
– Health care monitoring and personal assistance, when needed
– 24 Hour staffing and security
– Social and recreational activities
– Weekly housekeeping
– Flat linen laundry service

The monthly fee associated with your level of care is based on your individual assessment which reflects the amount of staff support needed to achieve optimal health.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of our point-based level of care pricing add up to peace of mind. You pay only for the individualized care needed with no rate surprises. Because care needs change, each resident’s needs are reevaluated quarterly to ensure the level of care that helps each resident remain as independent as possible.

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