The Courtyards people are amazing! It starts with you, of course – our residents and neighbors. And, our staff is experienced, compassionate, and professional. Our nurses, activity directors, housekeepers, professional chefs, therapists, office managers, maintenance folks – all are here to serve you. But our most cherished employees are our caregivers – you can count on these fine people to take care of your every need.

Our Executive Directors are trained assisted living professionals. But we go beyond what is mandated by the State – our management and nursing personnel are exposed to rigorous training and continuing education.

Your transition to The Courtyards promises to be a smooth one. Our staff has worked with numerous families to assist during this important transition. We work closely with every new resident to ensure their move goes as smoothly as possible, from settling into their new home, to meeting new friends at meal time, and everything in between.

Our Amazing Staff

Rodney D. Berzoza - Community Executive Director
Rodney D. Berzoza

Community Executive Director

I knew early in my life that I wanted to help people and have an impact in their lives. I started my medical career in the Army as a Medic, working in the field and in military hospitals. After my stint in the military, I earned my associate degree in Business Management. While in college, I went to work for two rehab hospitals where I experienced working for several departments. I did not know at the time, 20 years ago when I went to work for a Continuing Care Retirement Community in Midland, Texas, that this would be my career. I started out as an Activity Director over a small community and advanced to running the Life Enhancement Department a year later. I then transferred to the accounting department where I managed accounts payable and payroll. When an unexpected job opening for the Assistant Assisted Living Administrator opened, I jumped at the chance. For 4 years I worked under an Administrator who had 35 years under his belt. I was grateful to have him as a mentor. When he retired, I became the next Assisted Living Administrator. Thirty-three years in the medical field led me to Odessa, Texas.

I am very blessed to have my years of experience in Assisted Living and to be a part of a thriving community like The Courtyards Assisted Living and Memory Care. I enjoy serving all people, it’s what I was called to do.

Christy DeArmond - Business Office Manager
Christy DeArmond

Business Office Manager

I have always enjoyed serving others. The love and compassion for my residents make this job easy for me. My life’s experiences have led me here and I am glad they did.

I was born and raised here in Odessa, Texas. In my working career, I was fortunate to have my own business for 20 years. During this time, I learned many skills ranging from the accounting side to the management end. My best skill is my way of building relationships with people. I love people.

I am thankful and grateful to fill a need for our residents here at The Courtyards Assisted Living and Memory Care. God, family and my work are the most important things in my life.

Erica Reyes Wellness Coordinator
Erica Reyes

Wellness Coordinator

I began my nursing career as a Certified Nursing Aide in 2004 at a Continuing Care Retirement Community in Midland, Texas. I started in the nursing home and then transferred to Assisted Living/Memory Care in 2005. I received significant training in memory care and served as an activity assistant and neighborhood coordinator. My advancement to several administrative jobs in Assisted Living allowed me to later become a supervisor. My years of experience with the state of Texas regulatory requirements and my experience implementing policies and creating training programs have developed me into an effective leader.

I love working with the residents. The residents I have encountered, from the past to the present, have made me the person I am today. I am grateful for that. It has been my life’s work. I am excited to bring my knowledge and skills to The Courtyard Assisted Living and Memory Care.

Jody Arnold

Life Enrichment Coordinator

My name is Jody Arnold, I have lived in Odessa for three years now. I am originally from Tulsa. Oklahoma. I have two children, a son and a daughter, and my daughter now has her own daughter. For fun, my husband and I like to eat at nice restaurants and take in a movie. I also like scrapbooking. I do this job because I love this type of work, it’s not just a job to me. I absolutely love our residents and my coworkers around me.

Jose “Alan” Reyes
Jose “Alan” Reyes

Chef, Culinary Director

My journey as a chef started in 2011 at the El Paso Community College Culinary Arts Degree program. It was there that I learned how to prepare and present world cuisines and developed the foundation for my technical style. I am fortunate to have traveled and cooked for several high-end restaurants in Texas and New Mexico, mainly in Santa Fe, New Mexico. My wife and I have traveled to many foreign countries and I am always intrigued by the local cooking experience. My style is a combination of many ethnicities and cultural food, but what I enjoy most is good ole West Texas meat and potatoes.

I started my career at The Courtyards Assisted Living and Memory Care in July 2021. I love cooking and sharing recipes with the residents. My goal is to have a very active food community here at The Courtyards where my expertise and their love of food collide.

I am thankful to be a part of this community. My life and my career led me to The Courtyards Assisted Living and Memory Care, and I hope we can make beautiful food together!

Shannon Windham
Shannon Windham

Wellness Director

I love to sit and talk with my resident about the old days. I have heard so many stories that I should’ve written a book. It just melts my heart when they start reminiscing about the past. They really enjoy telling their stories. I just enjoy working with the elderly, taking care of people who need help.

I graduated from the LVN-RN Bridge Program in Ranger College in Early, Texas.  I have worked for 15 years in long term care facilities as a charge nurse, wound care nurse and 2 years on the management side as an ADON and Health & Wellness Director.

I am very blessed with a large family. My husband Marty and I have been married for 8 years and together we have six children that we adore. We are all about family. Five of them are grown with families of their own and then there is Miss Bentley, our youngest who is 7 and spoiled rotten by everyone. We have 10 grandchildren, so the holidays are fun. We also have a gentle giant Sadie, our Italian Mastiff.

I enjoy spending time with my family, cookouts, love to do crafts, going camping and going on cruises with Royal Caribbean.

My favorite quote is by Nelson Mandela, “Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you.”

Every day may not be good but there is something good in every day.

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